Roofing a concrete pergola all the ways in one place

What is a pergola?

A pergola is a roofed structure used for shading over an open space, typically made of wood, aluminum, or steel. You can install it above a patio, the entrance of a house, a swimming pool, or even in the middle of your yard.

A pergola is an outdoor garden feature that creates a shaded pathway, passage, or seating area supported by columns or vertical pillars, usually with intersecting beams and an open, sturdy lattice structure, often covered with climbing woody vines.

The origin of the word is the late Latin word "pergula," which refers to a sheltered roof.
As a type of structure, it can also be an extension of a building or serve as protection for an open terrace or as a link between buildings.
They are different from green tunnels, as a green tunnel is a type of path under a canopy of trees.

Covering a pergola with concrete 

Concrete is a material used for construction, known for its strength and versatility in various shapes. Most of the world today uses concrete for construction. Modern concrete was invented by the British engineer John Smeaton (John Smeaton; 1724-1792) in 1756, by mixing lime, crushed stones, and bricks.

It is possible to make a concrete pergola, but the problem is that it is not waterproof, so you need to roof the concrete pergola.

Concrete beam covering - pergolas for shading between concrete beams. 

To convert the concrete beams on the balcony into a waterproof pergola, all electric and clean to examine.

Today, there is a variety of concrete beams on the balcony, in various shapes, whether they are square or just beams. From a design perspective, it appeals to some people, but the majority don't care whether it's beams or a concrete pergola. The purpose of the pergola is to provide shade or to enclose the balcony. However, in the case of concrete beams with no closure, it is considered something modern and luxurious.

פרגולה אלומיניום חשמלית

There are several options for closing a concrete pergola, but most of them do not provide strong waterproofing and the ability to fold, open, and close.

Pergola on concrete beams.

Are you looking for a concrete pergola cover? Interested in something high-quality that can be opened in the summer and closed in the winter, while also providing a peaceful atmosphere and design for the balcony? 
Electric pergola can be installed on concrete beams. The easiest way to proceed with such a project is to either contact us or leave a message on WhatsApp with the measurements, and we will provide you with a structured price quote based on the measurements and the direction of the sun. We also offer you ideas for winter closures with special products that will suit your needs. But before that, maybe you should get to know Smart Pergola's electric pergolas:
  • Electric PVC pergola: A high-quality model beautifully designed, suitable for covering concrete beams. It comes with built-in lighting within the aluminum profile, a concealed drainage system for water runoff, and requires no maintenance at all! It also doesn't require any additional construction.
  • Electric aluminum pergola, HEXA model: A modern pergola featuring a combination of aluminum louvers that can be gathered with the push of a button. Waterproof, with a concealed drainage system, no additional construction required, and designed at a high level. Ideal for covering concrete pergolas.

קירוי פרגולה בטון

Drawbacks of a concrete pergola. 

While it may initially appear as a unique design element, after a few years, you begin to realize that you're stuck with a pergola that requires maintenance, is not waterproof, has cracks, and water leakage issues, if it's not damaged by water at all.

Most people prefer to choose concrete pergolas to save time and money on unnecessary work. If there is a solution that seals the concrete beams without water leakage, it would be a fantastic idea for those who prefer to close and not remove the concrete pergola.

To dismantle the concrete pergola, you need a team of professionals, and it's not advisable to do it alone or with just one unskilled person. Disassembling and removing a concrete pergola requires special tools and equipment.

Dismantling a concrete pergola 

If you have a concrete pergola in your yard or on your balcony and you are remodeling your home, and along the way, you want to dismantle the concrete pergola, there is no problem. Today, there are companies specializing in concrete removal with skilled teams for dismantling and removal. They have dedicated equipment for this purpose while ensuring that the place is preserved without damaging the house or any structural element like beams or pillars. At the end of the work, they collect the concrete and dispose of it in a designated concrete waste disposal location.

Interested in a new pergola? Need advice? Talk to us, and we will provide you with a high-quality pergola at a reasonable price. Send us a picture of the concrete pergola you want to cover along with the width and depth measurements, and we will get back to you with a structured price quote.