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פרגולה עם סגירת צד בגינה

Home garden design

A green garden with flowers of all colors is something special that adds a beautifully refreshing atmosphere to a home. However, designing a home garden requires careful planning to determine where to place everything. If you want to have a unique garden, we've prepared 5 tips in this article that will help you with garden design. The first tip is planning: if you want to be sure about what you


Wood-look aluminum pergola

Whether it's an outdoor sheltered room, a patio enclosure, or a wood-like aluminum pergola, a Smart Pergola gives you the flexibility to create your ideal space. With its excellent wood-like properties, your outdoor design possibilities are greatly expanded. This system can cover large areas, requiring minimal columns and connectors. The durability of aluminum means that your outdoor space does not suffer from wear and tear.


Iron or aluminum for metal pergolas?

Metal pergolas - A pergola is a solution that can add an extra dimension to your home by creating a unique living space and providing shade and protection from various elements throughout the year. However, before you start building your pergola, you first need to choose the material for it. Pergolas today come in various sizes, shapes, designs, and materials, offering endless possibilities.


5 advantages of closing the central patio

Closing a patio and the benefits of an indoor patio in the most effective way against rain and sun, we know how to make your patio more practical. What is a patio? A patio (from Spanish: patio) is an interior, paved courtyard that is an integral part of the surrounding structure. The concept of a patio originated in Spanish architecture during the Middle Ages, but earlier architectural examples of this form can be found as well.


Covering a pergola with concrete

Covering a concrete pergola in all directions in one place. What is a pergola? A pergola is a sunshade structure used to provide shade over an open space, typically made of wood, aluminum, or steel. You can install it above a patio, the entrance to a house, poolside, or even in the middle of your yard. A pergola is an outdoor garden feature that creates a shaded walkway, passage, or seating area with vertical posts or pillars.


Balcony design

Finally, the weather is warming up, which means you want to spend more time outside on your balcony. And if you want to do it in style, you're in the right place because we've gathered dozens of balcony design ideas. Don't be dramatic or anything, but these trendy outdoor spaces are more romantic than the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. So, to set a scene of


A pergola without columns

A hanging pergola, without any columns, is a unique shading solution for enclosing uncovered balconies, street shops, restaurants, and cafes. The pergola provides full protection from the sun, rain, stability in strong winds, and doesn't require extensive construction. It offers convenience for businesses and serves as a flexible and high-quality alternative to traditional shading. A pergola without columns can be installed on one side of a wall and supported by tensioners.


Electric pergola price

An electric pergola roof system offers you a variety of options to enjoy your balcony, patio, courtyard, or garden as if you have an outdoor living room. Electric pergolas regulate the temperature of your outdoor shelter naturally while protecting it from all the elements of the Israeli climate: sunlight, rain, wind, or snow. The price of an electric pergola varies depending on the model.


Accessories for a pergola

Accessories for a pergola: We're starting to feel it in the air and see it on the trees. Summer is approaching, and it's time to be outdoors. When we spend our Saturday mornings in the tall grass in the garden and mow the lawn before the sun gets too hot, and then host parties on the patio when the stones cool down. Pergola accessories - Check out these 10 ways to decorate your pergola with accessories, and suddenly, you'll want to.

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