Swing Sunova

Remove all the day's fatigue in wonderful weather conditions. The product that adds comfort to garden and balcony life is the choice for those seeking elegance and sophistication in the great outdoors.

Sunova is especially special for you

With the confidence instilled by its classic design, the Sunova swing offers you a completely unique experience with elegance without risk and special comfort, which you can use indoors and outdoors with options of iroko and almond wood.


In a world where fast fashion prevails, we slow down the product cycle, creating fabrics that may outlive their owners because sustainability begins with products that endure.

Olefin fabric

The classic design of the Sunova swing adds refinement to the unique quality and splendor of iroko wood. It brings a pleasant addition to the environment and brings all the comforts of home outdoors. The soft gray cushions with plush foam ensure maximum comfort. You'll love the honey-colored iroko wood that adds a stunning look. The product comes in two types, with and without cushions.

Farbric color variants

Kravet Cream

Kravet Bone

Kravet Anthracite

Navy blue perlament

Wood type

Almond wood

African Iroko

Price: 9,499 8,899 ₪