Pergola - Roof Zip

With the advancement of technology and design, a screen awning made of screen fabric is at the forefront of preferences due to its more beautiful, practical, and amazing visual appeal. Instead of traditional awnings, it is sought after as a roller blind for your outdoor glass ceilings. Thanks to its controlled system mechanism, it provides protection from cold and wind according to the special micro-perforated fabric, while Zip Blind continues to allow airflow inside. The fabric of Zip Blind does not wrinkle thanks to a special side tension system.

It offers an easy and convenient solution for complete protection against insects when closed, providing 100% protection from external pests.

It prevents the internal environment from heating up by 30-40%. By providing protection against wind and light rain, it ensures comfort in your spaces throughout the year.


The Zip Blind system is perfectly suited for your glass ceiling system, our winter garden model, and allows you to enjoy the comfort of your garden or patio all four seasons.

פרגולה - Roof zip